Li Jianhong - Mountain Fog

Li Jianhong, underground chinese music, nanjing noise, paris, zhejiang, guitar feedback, guitar noise, psychedelic

Li Jianhong - Mountain Fog

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'李劍鴻 Li Jianhong - 山霧 Mountain Fog
A co-release between WV Sorcerer Productions & CFI Record.

"Like Sonic Youth and Japanese rock collective Ghost, he straddles and/or blasts his way across the line between psychedelic rock and exploratory noise; he also frequently incorporates a spiritual component inspired by Buddhism and traditional Chinese art." - Noah Berlatsky, Chicago Reader


一陣山雨一陣涼 —— 我喜歡這種潮濕的,涼颼颼的體感。不是冷,是那種山林里清涼的空氣吸入肺部後,又迅速擴散到全身的舒暢感。感覺自己就是一株渾身沾滿水氣的大葉狼萁。

霧起之時,我喜歡去山野里走走。但也不敢往森林深處去。關於山霧的種種神秘和傳說,從來沒有在李家村的志怪中斷過。童年時代是害怕,後來是對山林的一絲敬畏。就算是現在,我也常想,山霧彌漫之際可能就是山與山之間開始對話的時候吧 —— 山,肯定是有智慧的。還有,平日里一些見不著的動物,或山精野怪也都會借著山霧幽幽地遊蕩出來了吧。

《山霧》是關於故鄉的第三部錄音,前兩部《望海崗》和《父親,以及蜿蜒而下的山路》已分別由美國的Utech Records和比利時的Cold Moss做了出版。

In the Siming Mountains, there is a lot of fog. Especially in spring and summer, the hills in front of my home window are often foggy.

A shower of mountain rain will give a while of coolness - I like this humid, cool body feeling. Not cold, but the kind of relief feeling when cool mountain air is absorbed into the lungs, and then quickly spread to the whole body. It feels like I am a big leaf of a wolfsbane covering with water.

When the fog rises, I like to go for a walk in the mountains. But I don't dare to go deeper into the forest. The mysteries and legends about the mountain fog have never been absent in ghost stories told in Lijia Village. In my childhood, it was out of fear, and later it turned into a touch of awe of the mountains and forests. Even now, I often think that the time when the mountain fog fills the air may be the time when the dialogue between mountains begins – the mountain, for sure, has wisdom. And, some animals rarely to be seen, or mountain spirits and monsters may also wander in the mountain fog.

“Mountain Fog” is the third recording about my hometown. The first two, “Wanghai Gang” and “Father, and a wild trail zigzagging down” have been released by the U.S. label Utech Records and the Belgian label Cold Moss respectively.

- 李劍鴻 Li Jianhong


released March 21, 2021

Guitar: 李劍鴻 Li Jianhong
Saxophone in "山霧 Mountain Fog": 王子衡 Wang Ziheng'
WV Sorcerer.

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