About Us

Ramble Records label is an independent record label and mail-order, niche music site. Although the plan to launch a label had been germinating for some years, it did not hatch until Melbourne's first lockdown in 2020. 

The philosophy and/or motivation is to promote underrepresented yet captivating music - challenging, thought provoking, interesting yet undervalued or underrepresented music. The type of music that major labels and most radio stations ignore! 

Initially the focus was intended to be purely on fingerpicking and guitar-based music but has now been extended to include jazz/ improvised, experimental/avant-garde, post-punk, psych, outsider, lo-fi, Indian classical and other music forms from around the world. 

After releasing 20 LPs in 2021, and receiving favourable response by peers, artists, reviewers and radio shows, Ramble decided to co-release with other simpatico labels and extend its model to include a mail-order focussing on niche labels releasing underground music that would otherwise may not have a platform to sell in the Oceana region.

Labels we promote and sell include but are not limited to: Relative Pitch, Elektrohasch, Echodelick Records, Sulatron, Husky Pants, Tall Grass Records, Riot City, Aum fidelity /Tao Forms, India Music Archive, An' Archives, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, NoiseAgonyMayhem, Carbon Records, Tour de Bras, WV Sorcerer Production, Tompkins Square, Teranga Beat,  Feeding Tube, Sahel Sounds, Incus Records, VDSQ, ESP, Black Editions, Feeding Tube Records, Moonlight Cypress Archetypes, Discus Music, Guruguru Brain, Shame File Music, Amalgam, The Crystal Cabinet, Ultraviolet Light cassette label, Home & Garden.