Pelt: Untitled CD

Pelt: Untitled CD

Pelt: Untitled CD

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(untitled) is devastating set of almost pure white light from the newly upgraded Pelt lineup. The album’s intense drone music represents a return to “sonic-ism” for the quartet of Jack Rose, Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, and Mikel Dimmick. Like 2003’s effort Pearls from the River, (untitled) is an all-acoustic affair.

The group concentrates on producing dense clouds of overtones from guitar, cello, tibetan bowls, gongs, sruti, and esraj. Track one is an overpowering straight line à la the Theatre of Eternal Music, an atmosphere of stasis with gong and bowl flickering subtly over the massive track bed. Track two is a 32-minute epic that begins with the soft strains of Jack Rose’s 12 string, picks up dueling cello and esraj and gradually builds in intensity


with the sounds of gongs and other unusual percussion. Track three is the live staple “Sundogs,” where Rose’s Weissenborn lap guitar and Gangloff’s resonator guitar produce a stream of unearthly high, singing overtones in an uncanny acoustic impression of electric feedback. The final track is an epilogue of Best’s keening cello, again ignoring the usual technique associated with the instrument in the

 pursuit of pure weirdness.

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