Japanese Psych/ Avant-garde / Experimental

50 products

    50 products
    Suishou no Fune : Where the Spirits Are CD
    Suzuki Junzo,  Overhang Party,  Miminokoto,  20 Guilders,
    Suzuki Junzo: Sings II LP
    Chie Muka,  Yonju Miyaoka, psych folk, acid folk, japanese psych
    The Rainbow In Your Left Eye: Chie Mukai & Yonju Miyaoka CD
    The Silence: Hark The Silence
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    Uchida/Flowers: Challenge
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    Up-Tight, Japanese psych
    Up-Tight: S/T LP
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    Various Artists: Tokyo Flashback - Psychedelic Speed Freaks 4LP
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    Various Artists: Tokyo Flashback 2xLP
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    PSF,  fuzz guitar,  fuzz,  WHITE HEAVEN,  Japanese underground,  Japanese psych,  Japanese psych, noise
    White Heaven: Strange Bedfellow LP