Do you need more guitar music? Of course you do.

Hi again friends. Since the last post, we down here in the backwaters have breathed a collective sigh of relief as our 'Trump' was outed as Prime Minister and will now crawl back to the fanatical church where he belongs. While our newly elected leader is a member of the Labor party who historically align with the unions, are kinder folk and more left leaning; we are hopeful that they won't make a mess of things. How could you make a mess of things with taste in music like this i ask?

Label happenings

Oh boy, lots happening as always...where to start?

Last week, we released Jeff Grubek's double anti-war CD Vigilance Suite I & II. For those who haven't heard it, it's two discs of improvised, solo acoustic guitar that pay homage to his ancestral homeland Ukraine.

june 3 releases

This Friday we have two eclectic guitar-based releases for your mind and soul: straight outta Nevada, Blake Edwards Conley’s Droneroom releases ‘My Marionette Days are Over’ - a haunting, cinematic soundtrack into the heart of the desert. Drone, slide, fingerpicking, reverbed-twang and heavy AF fuzz all feature - sometimes gorgeous, ethereal and gentle, other times brooding, and menacing like zombies wandering about in an apocalyptic wasteland. Available on digital DL and double CD.

the Man from Atlantis re-surfaces to release more unpopular music on 'The Gates are Closing' - a freaked out, psych-raga, magic carpet ride down the Ganges via Takoma Park. Available on digital DL and CD.

In the next two weeks, we also have more unconventional guitar music: 
Releasing June 10 Li Jianhong's blistering single, immense cosmic freak out track 'Ferns' will  drop and Eric Arn's stunning live release 'Misuse' will release. 

On June 17, out of Kansas City, Seth Andrew Davis unleashes 15 tracks of free-improved guitar and electro freak out, while sparring budding from Chicago, Reid Karris delivers a real treat for guitar noise freaks. 

Test pressings for Manish Pingle's Samarpan have landed and sound otherworldly. Manish has just returned from a successful tour of Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and France.

The tests for tree improv duo Heikki Ruokangas and George Landon's 'Devotional' sounds sublime. Also the test pressing for Melbourne post-punk band 00_: Ca-yptra sounds suitably raucous. 

A new MV&EE double LP has been finished and will be sent to press this week. wait to you get your ears on this one. Oh boy, you are in for a real treat.

We are also thrilled to be part of another multi label release - Canadian artist, Chad Ross from Quest for Fire, Comet Control & Nordic Nomadic will release his wonderful solo psyh rock release Skull Creator in July. Official release date and further info coming soon.

Making their last laps on the pressing plant and due any week now are Santa Sprees: Fanfare for Tonsils, Chris Alford and William Thompson: Overtone/Undertone, and of course Blackbrunswicker's High Peaks.

Mail-order stuffs

Arriving this week and available to me from you are a whole bunch of releases from Guru Guru Brain including: Kikagaku Moyo, Mong Tong, Minami Deutsch, and Prairie WWWW.

From MV&EE a whole box of CDs landed with limited edition hand-made covers and LPs but I'll leave that to next week....we'll need something to talk about it. 

As, always, take care of yourselves and one another and always remember to fly high, no mater what you do.


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