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Hello again, it's been another huge month here at Ramble with a wonderful bunch of guitar-centric recordings recently released, spiritual jazz, avant-garde Afghan, Persian folk, and abstract soundscapes. In case you were napping, here's a brief overview.

Polish artist Artur Maciak’s project AR.MA gave us an electroacoustic, free improv journey into observations of the moon and sounds of Olivier Messiaen's modes of limited transposition. 

On the other side off the globe from Wyoming, Gabe Hassan’s Two Oceans: Compositions for six and twelve string guitar covered Fahey, Basho territory, while avant-garde guitar genius Henry Kaiser teamed up with poet Michael Rothenberg for the biting, free improv Lions and Fireflies.

Giannis Arapis and Kawol Samarqandi’s combined their extraordinary talents with Thieve’s Lair, while young Finish guitar gun, Heikki Ruokangas and US multi-instrumentalist Landon George released a stunning slab of spiritual free improv with Devotional.

From Belgium, super talented and tasteful, free-wheeling guitarist Julien Tassin dropped a pre-release for Primitiv, which sees him cover free improv, blues, and avant-garde jazz.

Sydney's eüsh pre-released his 60s psych-rock-soaked Fever Dream and over in the mother land, UK/Japan duo Santa Sprees releases their pop psych masterpiece Fanfare for Tonsils. For an insight into the record and the extraordinary challenges that Anthony Dolphin has been living with, I encourage you to listen to his interview with John Cavanagh, it's truly inspirational.  

Argentinian artist Maxi Mas released Maine - his free improv meditation on superposition and space inspired by the great abstract impressionist painter American painter Philip Guston and Philly multi-instrumentalist Ihba Baskette under the banner of The 52nd Street Experimental Planet Ensemble released Broken Jazz Vol 1, a double CD of spiritual jazz compositions that channels Sun Ra, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, and Pharaoh Sanders.

One of the wonderful facets of running an independent label is the connections, friendships, and of course the wonderful music that you become exposed to. Part of those connections is finding other simpatico labels with a community-driven agenda to collaborate with.

Ramble has been fortunate to have already worked with some fantastic labels including Echodelick, Weird Beard, Acid Test, and Worse Bassist. This month we collaborated with Feeding Tube, Centripetal Force (North America), Cardinal Fuzz (UK), Radio Khiyaban (Europe) to release Naujawanan Baider’s Volume 1 & 2 and Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian’s  Songs of Horaman. If you haven't come across either of these, I highly recommend them both. 

September releases.

Get excited brothers and sisters, coming out in September will be a new single by Blake Hornsby, a double CD by Ernesto Diaz-Infante, a new quartet release from Camila  Nebbia, a tape release from Belgium guitarist Jürgen Augusteyns, harsh noise release from ElZombie Espacial, a collaboration between the Man from Atlantis and George Christian, a new LP from South Korean psych-electro duo Tengger, and a new folk psych LP from  Adam Geoffrey Cole of Afterlander Trappist fame. 

Why waste time? The clock is ticking. You snooze you lose. 

New to the Mailorder

A whole bunch of stock has landed including a great selection of dub, Japanese psych and avant-garde including Uptight, Les Rallizes Denudes and Taj Mahal Travellers, Acid Mothers Temple's Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Outer Space (first time on vinyl),  and Myth Of The Love ElectriqueImai Kazuo: Far And Wee, Che'-SHIZU: A Journey 2LP, Overhang Party: Complete Studio Recordings 4CD, Flower Travellin' Band: Made In Japan LP, Naoki Zushi: III LP, Far East Family Band: Nipponjin - Join Our Mental Phase Sound LP, Suzuki Junzo: Sings II LP, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO + HIJOKAIDAN: E.G.Kaidan LP.

US distribution is here. To helll with postal companies worldwide!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Lighten Up Sounds in the States. All Ramble stock can now be purchased in North America with domestic shipping rates.
For European customers, all Ramble stock can be purchased through Clear Spot / Shiny Beast with domestic shipping rates.
Until next time, stay healthy and happy, look after one another and keep on supporting independent music. 
Mike Sill
Ramble HQ


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