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Hi friends, it seems like I've been toiling away at this website for an eternity - entering images, descriptions, prices, tags...who knows where the time goes? S.D

And now as it appears after all those late nights working away one expects...well...interaction...messages, sign ups, interest...sales. To be honest, the response hasn't been overwhelming but look what I'm up against - apathy, indecisiveness, Tick Tock, Spotify, poverty. 

Who the fuck is interested in a bunch of wacky 'ol music anyway? Bleep bleep, honk, screech, twang, twiddle...

It's out of my hands now and I never expected an avalanche but I'd dig just a sprinkle of snow. A snowflake perhaps. People can be fickle. There is also the issue of the postal systems...those mutherfuckas are going out of their way to destroy small business by charging $24 to post one single CD to the US or Europe. FFS! Enough is enough!

I have gathered a group of labels that I have been listening to, following and purchasing from for some time. Labels I consider to be releasing extraordinary, brilliant music. Original music. Outsider music. Each of these labels has a dedication and a commitment to release music that challenges, engages and moves us. And it does. 

I am thrilled to add to that list, Brooklyn's Aum Fidelity. A label whose impressive roster includes such luminaries as David S Ware, Joe Morris, William Parker, Mathew Shipp, Whit Dickey among many others. For those in the South Pacific region, these titles along with many others on this site have not been available here. 

Ramble will also be releasing some wonderful improvised music from Quebec's tour de bras, along with co-releasing some material with them.

I'm are also chomping at the bit to announce that we will also be exclusively stocking a whole swag of MV&EE releases.

On the label front there is much happening: Coming out in the next 6 months we have releases by: Manish Pingle, Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog, Eugene Chadbourne, Staraya Derenya, George Chua and Dharma, Manop Nakornchai, Heikki Ruokangas and George Landon, Hectorine Music, Trio_io, Santa Sprees, Clare Engel, Luciano Bagnasco, Jeff Gbrurek, Dark Leaves, Helecho Experimentar, Chad Ross, Halo Noose, Matt Himes, Pumpkinfriend, Dann Pell, Nosoy Trio, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Ramdat, Ryan McDermott, Black Brunswicker, Dark Leaves, Yonju Miyaoka, George Christian, Kawol Samarqandi, Jordan Perry, Julien Tassin, Cozilos Vitor, Chris Alford and William Thompson, Bunsuirei, Ross Hammond, Kawol Samarqandi, Buck Curran, Seven Rivers of Fire, Dan Pell, Julien Tassin, Camila Nebbia, Cozilos Vitor, Greg Nieuwsma, 00___000, Adam Geoffrey Cole & Trappist Afterland, and Jianhong Li.

Representing: outside folk, acid folk, psych folk, dark folk, avant-folk, free jazz, Indian classical, ambient, American Primitive, pastoral folk, avant-pop, avant-garde guitar and electronica, free improv, stoner-psych rock, post-punk, minimal guitar, kraut-folk, outsider folk. It's all here!

And the 6 months after that....well, let's leave a few presents kept wrapped up under the tree. Suffice to say, it's one helluva list.  

There is also a compilation of avant-garde guitarists from around the world coming. This release contains 28 tracks from what I consider to be the leading exponents of avant-garde/free improv guitar. Artist representing more than 20 countries. 

Ramble will be also be co-releasing LPs by: 

Trigona with Echodelick Records, Weird Beard, and Worst Bassist Records.
Trio_io with tour de bras 
Halo Noose with The Acid Test Recordings, Echodelick Records.
Brûlez les meubles + Ingrid Laubrock and Marianne Trudel with tour de bras 

and there is more but we need something to talk about in the next blog post. 

Well, that's the plan. None of this will happen without your support and if there is a release you're looking for or are interested in Ramble distributing some of your outstanding material, please send us a message. Go on, I dare ya. 

Be good to one another 







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